February 2019 Minutes

The February 2019 Minutes are here.

February 2019 Agenda

The February 20 2019 meeting agenda is here.

December 2018 Minutes

The December 2018 Minutes are here.

October 2018 Minutes

The October 2018 Minutes are here.

May 2018 Minutes

The May 2018 Minutes are here.

2018 Pancake Breakfast

The 2018 community pancake breakfast will be held Saturday May 26 2018 @ Stn.1 from 0900-1100 hrs.

We need help getting started AND closing down. If you can't stay the entire time consider coming early OR later. 

A BIG THANK YOU to those who came out and helped with another VERY successful community pancake breakfast!!!!!


May 2018 Agenda

The May 23 2018 meeting agenda is here.

April 2018 Minutes

The April 2018 meeting minutes are here.

2018-2019 Executive


As there were no nominations from the floor the current Executive will serve for the 2018-2019 year.

April Agenda

The April 18 meeting agenda is here.